Auberge des Adrets

According to the seasons, the breakfast in the Countryside will be served to you in the dinning room given rhythm by a fire, or on our panoramic and shaded terrace which overhangs the park, or for the cocooning have Continental breakfast served in your room.

I had the house of my memoirs to safekeep the future recollections of my children... these sites rich in bitter sweet memories, the history of our life, written on all the walls in mysterious and indelebile characters, that each vibration of the spirit, surround you with deep emotions or childish superstitions.

G. Sand
Unaffected by the passage of time and its demands,
the Auberge des Adrets has drawn its inspiration from lessons of the past.
The deep desire to awaken our deadened senses, to remind us the simple pleasures of life.
More than any offers, the old houses of the South have a certain magic and wealth of feelings.
The light playing on the limestone-rendred walls brings them to life, the soft hues,
Clildren laughing, the joyful chatter that large families have left embedded in them,
Everything about them reminds us about what really matters in life and makes us feel good.
A woman in her right Mind,
A cat exploring books,
Friends throught thick and thin,
Without whom life is not worth living.

Guillaume Apollinaire
Lieu dit "© Auberge des Adrets", au coeur du massif de l'Esterel - Route Nationale 7 - 83600 FREJUS - France
Tél. : +33 (0)4 94 82 11 82 - Contact -
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